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One of the best alternatives that childless couples resort to whenever they want to have a child by other means other than the conventional ways of conception is In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) however, the biggest challenge that women may face in the course of their IVF treatment is the failure to retrieve any eggs from their follicles during egg collection. While egg collection is at times taken for granted with most IVF specialists instilling confidence in their patients of a successful egg collection, there are circumstances when doctors may fail to collect any eggs. The rupturing of the follicle is one of the leading causes of this condition and this is why you need to get an IVF expert who is skilled enough to know exactly when is the right time to administer an hCG injection in relation to the collection of the eggs. Egg collection must take place within 36 hours of hCG injection, beyond which the chances of collecting any eggs are very slim.

Why there might be no eggs collected during your IVF cycle

The failure of the IVF expert to collect any eggs from a patient's follicles can be very frustrating to the patient and make them lose hope of ever having a child. We are here to give you the basic information that you need to have before starting your IVF treatment cycle. The other thing that may cause the failure to collect any eggs is the relative inexperience by the embryologist in cases where the patient only has few follicles. This comes in the form of the failure of the embryologist to acknowledge this as a possible setback and failure to use a needle with double lumen to help him/her flush each follicle in the right manner. The use of the double lumen needle increases the chances of getting the few eggs that may be available from the few follicles formed. The other reason why you should visit an experienced IVF specialist is that they are unlikely to encounter the technical difficulties that are encountered by inexperienced doctors. The most common difficulty comes in when the patient has obesity, a factor that makes access to the ovaries a tricky affair. In addition, in case the pelvic region has adhesions, then the ovaries may at times be just behind the uterus and it would take expert care to locate them.

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Technical difficulties may be a major setback for inexperienced doctors handling patients who cannot withstand pain in cases where the procedure has to be performed without anesthesia. An experienced IVF specialist should also be able to find out in good time whether the patient has a medical condition such as empty follicle syndrome which may lead to lack of egg collection. We are here to help childless couples make informed decisions and we also offer them expert advice on which experts to go for in their pursuit of conception. We believe that patients have the right to be informed and not treated to endless frustrations and fruitless promises as is the case with a number of IVF hospitals and clinics.

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